Plant treetonl_test April 26, 2023
Powerhouse of Innovation

Experience the pulse of innovation at the Treet Battery plant, strategically located in FIEDMC. Born from a dynamic collaboration, this cutting-edge facility integrates manufacturing processes with state-of-the-art machinery. Rooted in safety, our thriving work environment fosters creativity and teamwork, propelling us to lead the energy revolution. Join us on this journey as we shape the future of energy technology, driven by our partnership with experts from Korea.

Sustaining Tomorrow's Power

Deep Discharge Batteries: Extending UPS and Solar power, reliability, and eco-efficiency, with 1-year Free Replacement warranty

Live and Drive with Peace of Mind

Harnessing advanced tech, we shape the energy landscape with pioneering battery solutions for diverse applications

Collaborative Reach, Nationwide Impact

Through strategic partnerships and an extensive dealership network, we amplify our impact, bringing advanced battery solutions across the country

Innovation in action: Crafting battery containers through advanced injection moulding

Seamless excellence: Our batteries undergo automated assembly for peak performance.

Mastering the charge: Expert acid filling for impeccable battery formation and charging.
Explore Treet Battery's Manufacturing Processes