Who We Are

Who We Are treetonl_test February 24, 2023

Vision Statement

To revolutionize energy storage with superior battery technology, empowering a greener future.

Mission Statement

Powering a sustainable tomorrow with innovative battery solutions.

Energizing Innovation

We innovate energy storage technology, empowering a dynamic future with efficient and powerful batteries

Fueling Progress

Fueling progress with our revolutionary battery technology, enabling sustainable, high-performance energy solutions

Amplified Sustainable Power

Elevating sustainability through advanced battery tech, we fuel a cleaner, more efficient energy landscape for all

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Empower Your Drive, Live Confidently.

Founded as one of Pakistan’s foremost manufacturers of Lead-Acid batteries, Treet Battery stands at the forefront of excellence. Our comprehensive product range encompasses 100% Maintenance-Free Batteries tailored for Automotive applications, alongside specialized Deep Cycle Batteries optimized for UPS and Solar Systems.

Distinguished by their robust design, our batteries are meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate within Pakistan’s unique environmental conditions. Utilizing cutting-edge Korean Technology, these products are manufactured under the direct supervision of Korean Experts. This harmonious blend of continuous innovation, advanced technology, and stringent quality assurance measures guarantees unmatched excellence.