Ethos treetonl_test February 25, 2023

Statement of Ethics and Business Practices


  • No employee shall be instructed to violate the law or contravene Treet policies and values.
  • We ensure equitable and impartial treatment of all employees.
  • Harassment in any form will not be tolerated.
  • Adequate information and necessary facilities are provided to enable safe job performance.
  • Employees must refrain from possessing, bringing, or transferring illegal drugs or weapons onto Treet premises.
  • Employees are encouraged to report any suspicious individuals or activities promptly.

Business Partners

  • Avoid conflicts of interest and promptly address any potential conflicts.
  • Refrain from accepting or providing gifts, favours, or entertainment that may create an obligation for the recipient.
  • Exclusively use and supply safe and reliable products and services.
  • Demonstrate respect for our competitors and abstain from unfair business practices that may harm our competition.
  • Prohibit any formal or informal discussions with competitors regarding prices, markets, products, production, or inventory levels.
  • Ensure manufacturing and production adhere to contractual specifications.
  • Promote our products and services honestly and fairly.
  • Uphold our values without compromise for the sake of profit.

Business Resources

  • Do not utilise inside information about the Treet for personal gain or disclose it to others.
  • Do not employ Treet resources for personal gain or non-business purposes.
  • Safeguard confidential and proprietary information.
  • Prohibit the use of Treet resources for transmitting, receiving, accessing, or storing sexually explicit content, hate speech, violence, gambling, illegal drugs, or the illegal purchase or use of weapons.
  • Prohibit the creation of false or misleading entries in company books or records.


  • Adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and Treet policies within your work responsibilities.
  • Do not offer or provide money or anything of value to government officials to influence their decisions.
  • We assess and measure our environmental performance and maintain transparency in our environmental communications.
  • When Treet standards surpass local legal requirements, we uphold the higher standards.