Ali Raza Wahid Irtaza Mubarikl January 12, 2024

Ali Raza WahidHead of Plant Operations

Ali Raza, currently serving as the Head of Plant Operations at Treet Battery Limited, brings over 20 years of industry experience. His tenure at Treet Battery, where he joined in 2012, reflects his dedication and contributions to the organization’s growth.

Throughout his career, Ali has played a significant role in coordinating innovations, enhancing efficiencies, and navigating the complexities of Plant Operations. His active involvement in digitization efforts demonstrates a forward-thinking approach, aligning the organization with technological advancements in the industry.

In his capacity as the Head of Plant Operations, Ali has been involved in steering the organization towards its production targets. His commitment to Quality Assurance, Safety, and Regulatory compliance reflects a strong focus on maintaining high standards in industrial processes.

As a longstanding member of Treet Battery Limited, Ali Raza has been involved in the installation, commissioning, and continued operations, showcasing his expertise and hands-on experience in managing crucial aspects of industrial facilities. Ali holds a Mechanical degree from UET-Lahore, complementing his extensive industry experience.