Zunaira Dar treetonl_test April 27, 2023

Zunaira DarNon-Executive Director

Ms. Zunaira Dar holds the position of Non-Executive Director on the board of Treet Battery Limited. With over 10 years of experience, she has contributed significantly to the legal landscape, also serving as the Group Head Legal and Company Secretary at Treet Corporation Limited, where she ensures legal compliance across various business units.

As a Non-Executive Director, Ms. Zunaira Dar plays a crucial role in guiding the company towards continued excellence, drawing upon her extensive experience and insights. Her diverse roles include serving as a legal associate at Irfan and Irfan, AM Corporate and Legal at Panasian Group, and Company Secretary at AkzoNobel.

With an LLB Honours degree from the University of London, Ms. Zunaira brings valuable expertise in corporate law, commercial contracts, and governance frameworks.