Taimoor Vakil Malik Irtaza Mubarikl January 12, 2024

Taimoor Vakil MalikCompany Secretary

Taimoor Vakil Malik holds the position of Company Secretary at Treet Battery Limited, where he assumes the responsibility of ensuring statutory compliance and reporting obligations. In this role, Taimoor plays a part in supporting the Board of Directors and management to fulfill their respective corporate compliance obligations.

With over four years of experience in the legal field, Taimoor has served as a legal associate at Cornelius, Lane and Mufti, followed by a tenure in the Corporate Compliance division at Zameen Media (Private) Limited.

Taimoor is a holder of an LLB Honours degree from the University of London, bringing a diverse range of expertise to the organization. His skill set includes efficient management of legal processes, adept negotiation of contracts, and provision of counsel on a wide spectrum of legal matters.