Sidra Fatima Sheikh treetonl_test April 27, 2023

Sidra Fatima SheikhIndependent Director

Ms. Sidra Fatima Sheikh is an accomplished Independent Director who brings invaluable expertise and experience to the board. She is a partner at The Sheikh Partnership law firm, where she has served since 2004. Additionally, she serves on the managing committee of Gulab Devi Hospital and Al-Aleem Medical College. 

Ms. Sheikh has a notable track record of success in various fields and has pursued her legal education with CPE/PGDL and LPC from BPP Law School, London, underscoring her commitment to the legal profession. In 2001, she was enrolled as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England & Wales, and more recently, as an advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. 

Ms. Sheikh is a graduate of The London School of Economics and Political Science. She has also trained with The Oberman Partnership Solicitors (now Kerman & Co), London.