Dr. Salman Shakoh treetonl_test May 14, 2023

Dr. Salman ShakohChief Executive Officer
Renacon Pharma Ltd.

Dr. Salman Shakoh is the CEO of Renacon Pharma Ltd. (RPL), a globally recognized company ranked in the top 10-20 in the Global Market Intelligence Reports on HD Concentrates.

Dr. Shakoh began his medical career with a residency in Surgery/Medicine at Mayo Hospital. He then served as a Registrar/Research Scholar in the only GI Endoscopy unit and taught at King Edward Medical College while pursuing post-graduate training in Nephrology. As Incharge of the Hemodialysis Center at Mayo Hospital, he pioneered modern Nephrology techniques and established the first free hemodialysis centres in Ganga Ram Hospital and the Dept. of Medicine in Mayo Hospital. In addition to his medical career, Dr. Shakoh founded the Hope Kidney Foundation and wrote the first-ever booklet for hemodialysis patients in Urdu. 

Dr. Salman Shakoh is a renowned nephrologist who has received post-graduate training in Nephrology and has been a presenter at international conferences. His dedication to improving the quality of dialysis treatment for patients has earned him a reputation as a leading expert in his field.