Dr. Salman Faridi treetonl_test April 27, 2023

Dr. Salman FaridiIndependent Director

Dr. Salman Faridi is a distinguished independent director and board member at Treet Corporation Limited. He brings with him over two decades of medical experience from the UK, Middle East, and Pakistan, and currently serves as the Medical Director of Liaquat National Hospital, one of Pakistan’s largest private healthcare institutions. 

As a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, Dr. Faridi has been appointed to several key positions in the healthcare industry, including standing member of the Pakistan Standard and Quality Authority for Healthcare Issues and a member of the corporate syndicate for MBA in Healthcare Management at the Institute of Business Management in Karachi. He is passionate about healthcare management and has been serving as a member of the advisory board for the formulation of national guidelines on the prophylaxis and management of venous thromboembolism (VTE). Dr. Faridi is also a board member of Renacon Pharma Limited. 

Dr. Faridi graduated from Dow Medical College and obtained his FRCS from the UK in 1983. His extensive medical experience and qualifications have enabled him to make significant contributions to the healthcare industry in Pakistan and beyond.