Advancements in Lead-Acid Battery Technology: Insights from the Asian Battery Conference Irtaza Mubarikl September 11, 2023

Advancements in Lead-Acid Battery Technology: Insights from the Asian Battery Conference

The recent Asian Battery Conference in Siem Reap, Cambodia, witnessed the participation of Treet Battery Limited, with Mr. Farhan Athar, Mr. Ali Raza Wahid, and Mr. M Sajid representing our company. The conference, a gathering of experts in lead-acid battery technology, provided valuable insights that are pivotal for our industry.

Key discussions included Neil Hawkes of CRU shedding light on global lead market dynamics, focusing on sustainability and transparency efforts led by the London Metal Exchange (LME). Li Dong from Leoch International Technology Co. presented an analysis of the Asian market, with a specific focus on China, emphasizing its substantial influence.

Huw Roberts of CHR Metals Limited shared insights into potential growth scenarios for lead-acid batteries, underlining steady growth since 2000, especially in industrial applications. Discussions covered various aspects, including high-temperature testing standards, countermeasures for mitigating battery water loss, and innovative approaches to battery separators.

Treet Battery’s attendance at this conference was instrumental in staying abreast of advancements in the industry. Subhankar Chakraborty’s analysis of lead-acid technology in E-Rickshaw applications, for instance, provides valuable insights directly applicable to our work. Additionally, Edric KOH’s discussion on LME’s sustainability strategy aligns with our commitment to eco-friendly battery solutions.

In conclusion, Treet Battery’s participation in the Asian Battery Conference was beneficial, providing critical insights into industry evolution and challenges. The conference themes of sustainability, innovation, and performance optimization will guide our future endeavors in lead-acid battery technology. Stay tuned for further updates on the dynamic landscape of battery technology.

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