Abdul Wahid Qureshi treetonl_test April 27, 2023

Abdul Wahid QureshiChief Operating Officer
Renacon Pharma Ltd.

As the Chief Operating Officer of Renacon Pharma Limited, Abdul Wahid Qureshi is responsible for leading the company’s operations and implementing strategies to drive its growth and profitability.

Wahid is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) and has worked with prominent organisations such as Kohinoor Industries, Nishat Mills, and Levi’s Strauss Pakistan among many others. He has also served as the Group Director Finance for Group Companies and the CEO at 3S Pharmaceuticals Private Limited. Throughout his career, Wahid has travelled extensively in the Far East, Europe, Middle East, and the US, gaining valuable experience working in diverse cultural environments. He has received leadership training in Singapore and from Grid International, and has participated in numerous international conferences focused on finance and business strategy. 

Under his guidance, Renacon Pharma Limited is committed to providing high-quality pharmaceutical products and services to its customers while maintaining its reputation as an industry leader.